Emily Duggan’s Bio

Emily Duggan embodies the timeless values of family and hard work as a stay-at-home mother of two in the tranquil West Kootenays of BC. With a deep-rooted appreciation for nature and the nurturing environment of farm life, Emily’s dedication to her family and community is unwavering. Over the past eighteen months, she has selflessly dedicated her time and resources to championing the needs of children and families throughout British Columbia, advocating for their well-being with resounding success.

Grounded in a commitment to truth and accountability, Emily firmly believes in keeping the workings of public education transparent and accessible to all. Her strong moral compass and compassionate nature drive her passion for serving others, making her a natural fit for the role of School Board Trustee. If you’re seeking a trustworthy advocate who understands the importance of balanced perspectives and collaborative solutions, Emily Duggan is the candidate for you. Emily Duggan stands ready to represent your interests with integrity and empathy.