Drag King Storytimer vs Parental Rights Advocate in Battle For Vacant BC School Trustee Seat

A battle of the activists is unfolding in Castlegar, BC as parental rights activist Emily Duggan takes on Birkley Valks, a drag king storytimer who may have a criminal past in the SD20 school trustee byelection.

Castlegar, British Columbia has become a controversial battleground as two out of four candidates running in the Kootenay-Columbia School District 20 trustee byelection have a history of opposing views in matters like gender ideology being taught to kids through public institutions.

Birkley Valks (aka Ryder Goode) is a Drag King storytimer with a previous charge. “They” are running in SD20’s school trustee byelection to serve children in Castlegar BC.

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Birkley Valks, a.k.a. “Ryder Goode”, a drag king storytime performer who can be seen online exposing a fake penis while wearing a “Jesus loves porn” t-shirt and Emily Duggan, the founder of Moms Against the Norm, a group that advocates against western Canada’s Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI 123) program, are battling for the position of school board trustee.

In an exclusive interview with Rebel News, Duggan explains her journey from advocating for parental inclusion in shaping educational policies to being nominated to run in the school trustee race.

Birkley on the other hand declined to join running mate Duggan in the interview, perhaps because I posed questions to the drag king about whether or not they would be willing to provide more information about what they were arrested and apparently charged for in 2007 according to BC court documents below.

It appears BC’s @SD20kc Drag King Story timer school trustee candidate may have a criminal record

I doubt the libraries that hire Birkley Valks who goes by “Ryder Goode” looked into it but I reached out to Birkley to do so.

I was blocked
More to come at https://t.co/Gi9Wj4L06E pic.twitter.com/VAUaGw6A3J— Drea Humphrey – Prepping and Politics (@DreaHumphrey) March 19, 2024

Click on the full video report to hear more from candidate Emily Duggan, who unlike Birkley, has nothing to hide and has even invited Birkley and Castlegar constituents to a friendly trustee debate and meet and greet happening tonight, TUESDAY, MARCH 19 at the Castlegar & District Community Complex.

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